New, Superior Maintenance Hole System

DECAST’s IFC maintenance hole system is designed to reduce inflow, infiltration and road deterioration and it is now ACCEPTED FOR USE

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Leading Infrastructure Solutions

Our new name speaks to the company’s core competencies of casting infrastructure products, while acknowledging its ownership by the TACC Group.

Although the company name has changed, it is our commitment that DECAST will continue to produce quality concrete infrastructure products. The professionals that you have come to know, trust, and work with, will continue to meet all of your design needs and provide the superior service our customers have come to expect.

DECAST will continue to operate its state of the art facility located in Utopia, Ontario, with plans to grow. DECAST is committed to remaining the largest single combined concrete gravity pipe and concrete pressure pipe facility of its kind in Canada with the most extensive product line portfolio in the industry!

DECAST thanks all of our loyal clients and stakeholders for their continued support and looks forward to continuing our valued relationships and providing Leading Infrastructure Solutions.