The most extensive product line in the industry

Our team of in-house engineers don’t design infrastructure projects. They design the products you need to make the finished product work better. They work with each project’s consulting engineer, to examine functionality, durability and lifecycle cost. They make sure they understand the unique context-specific design needs.

To maximize long-term durability, we pay attention to materials and processes. We always use the best materials and we develop the next-generation best processes, ahead of industry standards.

Water Transmission

End-to-end solutions for freshwater delivery

Deliver safe, fresh drinking water

We put everything together and ensure it works. Concrete Pressure Pipe designed and manufactured to AWWA specifications

Fast installation. Assured quality. Reduced risk.


100% indoors under 100% controlled conditions

To truly accelerate construction, greater control over the manufacture of prestressed precast concrete and precast concrete bridge components is required. At DECAST we are 100% indoors under 100% controlled conditions.

In order to determine the type of precast concrete bridge to use, span required is the determining factor. Smallest to largest span, the options are box culverts, DE-SPAN®, then bridge girders

Engineered Precast Products

We take responsibility for our work

Our engineering team can work with you to design the exact precast concrete and steel products you need to achieve your project objectives. With DECAST you get higher quality, long asset life and leading engineered precast solutions.

Storm and Sanitary Products

A complete line for stormwater and wastewater management

Install maintenance holes in new developments or execute a delicate bypass of a major municipal sewer system without disruption. We have what it takes to get your project completed: quickly and cost-effectively


Revolutionizing tunnel manufacturing

Complete product solutions for tunneling – liners, railway/subway ties microtunneling pipe, vertical shafts. As our urban environment in North America becomes more built-up, tunneling has become a viable solution for rehabilitation and new construction of transportation, sewage and various conveyance systems, as there is less disruption to people, transit and commerce.

DECAST provides a complete line of tunneling products including precast tunnel lining segments, reinforced concrete microtunneling pipe, vertical shafts and railway/subway precast ties.

Price List

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