100% indoors under 100% controlled conditions

To truly accelerate construction, greater control over the manufacture of prestressed precast concrete and precast concrete bridge components is required. At DECAST we are 100% indoors under 100% controlled conditions.

In order to determine the type of precast concrete bridge to use, span required is the determining factor. Smallest to largest span, the options are box culverts, DE-SPAN®, then bridge girders

Bridge Products

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Bridge Superstructure & Substructure (Girders, Slabs, Footings, etc.)

DECAST has leading precast concrete bridge superstructure and substructure solutions


  • I-Girders (CPCI 900 to CPCI 2300)
  • Box Girders
  • Solid Slabs
  • NU Girders (NU1200 to NU2400)
  • Integral Deck Bridges
  • Deck Panels and Slabs
  • Barriers


  • Wingwalls
  • Abutments
  • Approach Slabs
  • Piers
  • Pier Caps
  • Footings


DE-SPAN® bridges truly accelerate construction. Create a bridge in a day or two. DE-SPAN® is a rigid-portal framed bridge system with modules which are designed with a horizontal deck to support soil & live loads and with vertical legs to create desired opening height


Bridge Construction/Replacement, Underpasses/Overpasses for Roads, Stream Crossings, Environmental Applications, Pedestrian Walkways, Stormwater Solution


Spans from 4m to 16m, Rises from 0.9m to 3.6m
DE-SPAN Section Dimensions

Standard(s) Reference:

Designed to the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC)

Features on Request:

Various Skews Available, Precast Keeway Footings, Wingwalls, Headwalls, and Endwalls, and Cast-In Holes for Storm Pipe Connections

Box Culverts for Bridges

Box culverts are a quick and easy way to replace or construct small bridges where the natural stream bottom does not have to be preserved

Standard sizes per OPSS 1821 are available in Span x Rise (mm) combinations up to 3000 x 2400

DECAST Ltd. box culvert designs can be manufactured in Span x Rise (mm) combinations up to 6000 x 4000

Box culverts used as bridges can be single cell or multi-cell

Wingwalls and headwalls can be manufactured and connected to box culverts. Connection details can be provided on request. Cast-in inserts for guardrails, approach slabs and railings can also be provided. End sections can be skewed or cut as required.