Revolutionizing tunnel manufacturing

Complete product solutions for tunneling – liners, railway/subway ties microtunneling pipe, vertical shafts. As our urban environment in North America becomes more built-up, tunneling has become a viable solution for rehabilitation and new construction of transportation, sewage and various conveyance systems, as there is less disruption to people, transit and commerce.

DECAST provides a complete line of tunneling products including precast tunnel lining segments, reinforced concrete microtunneling pipe, vertical shafts and railway/subway precast ties.

Tunneling Products

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Precast Tunnel Lining Segments

  • Linings – transportation tunnels, water transmission
  • Direct conveyance for gravity sewer lines
  • Segments gasketed to form a ring, universal ring design
  • Typically 6 segments per ring


Ring Diameters: 2700mm and greater

Segments are manufactured using moulds. The design for the moulds is developed from the segment design. The quality of the mould, the concrete mix, the reinforcing method and manufacturing process all have to be exact and consistent in order to produce acceptable precast tunnel lining segments. The ring constructed from the segments must be able to fit perfectly in the TBM so that the tunnel can be constructed properly. Tolerances on the dimensions of rings are generally within a few millimeters, making tolerances on precast tunnel lining segments in the sub-millimetre range

Standard(s) Reference:

Precast tunnel lining segments are designed by consulting engineers specializing in tunnel design. The segments are designed to suit the specific project conditions and the tunnel boring machine (TBM).

Reinforced Concrete Microtunneling Pipe

Microtunneling is a remotely-controlled, guided, pipe-jacking operation that provides continuous support to the excavation face by applying mechanical or fluid pressure to balance groundwater and earth pressures.

  • Use to avoid the disruption of open-cut construction
  • Use as a tunnel liner
  • Use for deep sanitary sewers and combined sewer overflows
  • Designed for gravity flow of fluids
  • Class IV 100-D, Class V 140-D
  • Strength Classification correlated with field requirements
  • Reinforcing steel extends into spigot
  • 40 MPa minimum concrete strength

Microtunnelling pipe is designed for a microtunnelling boring machine (MTBM), loading and ground conditions.

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Microtunneling Pipe: 600 mm to 3000 mm diameter, Standard pipe lengths: 2.44m and 3m

Standard(s) Reference:

Designed to CAN/CSA A 257.2M

Features on Request:

Additional Reinforcement – Stirrups, Steel Bands, Holes cast in for bentonite slurry pumping

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