Concrete Pressure Pipe & Fittings

Concrete Pressure Pipe (CPP) is an engineered product that combines the best features of concrete and steel to create a robust, safe structure for your drinking water

CPP is a steel cylinder, manufactured with bell and spigot type push on joints, lined with or embedded in structural concrete, wrapped in a high tensile wire to compress the core and mortar coated for corrosion protection

Designed to AWWA C304 and Manufactured to AWWA C301

Custom fittings designed and manufactured specifically for each project


Transmission Mains, Distribution Mains, Power Plant Cooling-Water Lines, Sewage Force Mains, Gravity Sewers, Subaqueous Lines, Water Intake/Discharge Lines and Industrial Pressure Lines


400mm (16″) to 2400mm (96″) diameter with a standard pipe length of 6.106m (20’)

Features on Request:

Mechanically Restrained Joints, Double Gasket Air-Testable Joints, Customized Joints


CPP Brochure
CPP Install Guide

Steel Pipe & Fittings

DECAST offers steel pipe and custom steel fittings for water transmission

Designed to AWWA C200 and the M11 design manual


Transmission Mains, Distribution Mains, Pipe designed for pressurized flow


400mm (16″) to 2400mm (96″) diameter, gauge of steel to suit project requirements