Our expertise is your advantage

We have a long history of developing infrastructure solutions.

We believe in innovation and that there is always a way to do something better and build a better product.

We invest in knowledge, skills and advanced technologies and share our experience with our customers through product engineering and design & consulting services.

Engineering Services

DECAST provides engineering services for the efficient manufacture and installation of infrastructure products. Many structures are designed to be cast in place because designers are not aware that some custom, complex and/or large structures can be precast. Choosing a precast solution often results in significant material and installation savings for infrastructure owners, additionally, the construction process is accelerated.

Our engineers are focused on designing context-sensitive products that can be manufactured to suit your needs. Having a 100% controlled, 100% indoor manufacturing facility with strict quality control procedures, provides assurance that the structure has been made properly and will have a longer asset life than if it was constructed on site. The DECAST engineering team is Leading Infrastructure Solutions.


  • DECAST holds a Certificate of Authorization, license issued by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), permitting the company to provide professional engineering services to the public
  • DECAST is a firm member of Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO)
  • DECAST provides shop drawings stamped by a professional engineer for all of our infrastructure products, taking full responsibility and pride in our products
  • DECAST has over 30 engineers and technicians:
    • Civil engineers experienced in construction project management
    • Structural engineers experienced in the design of infrastructure, including bridges and pressurized pipelines
    • Mechanical engineers experienced in design of equipment and automation of processes
  • DECAST offers advisory services. Sometimes another idea or opinion from an experienced technical source is all that’s needed

Field Services

DECAST has a highly skilled Field Services team to assist with installations and repairs. The Field Services Team delivers solutions:

  • On-site Repairs, Modifications and Upgrades
  • Field Welding Capabilities (this includes steel pipe)
  • Field Joint Sealing Capabilities
  • Consulting
    • Provide advisory services and propose engineered solutions
    • Historical building and structure restorations

Transportation Services

In the past, a 3rd party trucking company was used to ship product from our manufacturing facility to jobsites. Customers wanted better information and reliability for the delivery of their products.  We listened and invested in our own trucking fleet with a full service fleet department. Today, DECAST not only has total control of how the products are made, but also how, and when, the products are delivered.

All DECAST trucks are equipped with GPS receivers which report back to a fleet management system in the shipping office. DECAST has exact information about where each truck is, relative to the jobsite and what type of truck is on its way, in order to provide accurate and timely information to our customers!