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New Products

DE-STORM Stormwater Management Solutions

Complete underground management systems engineered to capture, store, release, treat and utilize stormwater

System Types

IFC Maintenance Hole System

The IFC MH System eliminates inflow & infiltration, minimizes road deterioration, increases sewer capacity & groundwater recharge, provides substantial cost savings and has at least 200% longer life cycle than conventional MH installations. IFCs can be installed on new and existing tapered tops, flat caps and chambers. Numerous municipalities/organizations across Ontario are now specifying and accepting the IFC MH System. 

IFC Solution
Currently Accepted and In Use

Gravix® Wall System

Gravix® is a new precast retaining wall system that reduces excavation requirements (typically 30% less than conventional RSS walls), uses native backfill instead of expensive granular, temporary shoring is not needed and steel or geosynthetic straps (geogrid) are not required. Additionally, there is a traffic barrier option that provides a finished retaining wall with the barrier in place.

Approved in Canada (MTO DSM) & USA
Crash Test Traffic Barrier

O-Series® Modular Bridges & Culverts

With a history of innovation and experience, DECAST has taken precast bridges to the next level with the O-Series® precast bridge system (a licensed product of Contech Engineered Solutions LLC). Requiring less concrete per open area than any other precast bridge structure, the O-Series® precast bridge system is the ideal blend of hydraulic efficiency and structural capacity.

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