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Winnipeg’s First Large Diameter Microtunneling Project

The City of Winnipeg commissioned the design and construction of a 2,700 mm trunk land drainage sewer that protects two combined sewer districts from basement flooding and the City’s rivers from combined sewer overflows. The Project featured the City’s first implementation of large-diameter microtunneling technology to address the specific project needs including long pipe drives, large-pipe diameters, unique site constraints, and soil conditions. The microtunneling technology works included a 110m drive beneath three sets of CN railway tracks including: two main lines servicing up to 45 trains per day; and one spur line. DECAST supplied 510m of 2700 mm Class V Reinforced Concrete Pipe. The Project was successfully completed within the permissible settlement tolerance defined by the project stakeholders and no railway-related delays or outages were experienced or produced during the tunneling operations.

Reference and for more details: CCPPA Concrete Pipe Journal (Winter 2019)

Project Details

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Business Area: Storm & Sanitary

Product: Microtunnel Pipe

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