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DE-SPAN & Gravix in Richmond Hill

In 2017, a new 73 hectare community called Richlands started to be developed in the Town of Richmond Hill, one of Canada’s fastest-growing communities seeing not only a dynamic surge in population but finance and industry as well. Not only is Richmond Hill growing, they are leading the way by being the first municipality in Ontario to install the Gravix® precast wall system. 

A bridge and retaining walls were necessary to provide access to the new Richlands community. The owner went with high quality and efficiency when they installed DECAST's bridge/culvert design called DE-SPAN® with precast footings and Gravix®  Precast Wall System. 21 DE-SPANs 16m long at 39,000kg each were installed in one day on precast footings. 330 metres of Gravix retaining wall (369 units) were installed with sections that included the integrated traffic barrier option (103 units), this resulted in a maximum wall height of 6.1m. The development and house building phases could continue on through winter due to the rapid and efficient process of installing smart precast designs.  

Project Details

Location: Richmond Hill, ON

Business Area: Engineered Precast

Product: DE-SPAN® / Gravix®

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