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County Road 90 - Keeping Simcoe County Moving

An 8-year project to keep Simcoe County moving between Angus, and Barrie, Simcoe County’s largest road project. The County Road 90 widening project stretches approximately 12 kilometres, expanding the busy route between Barrie and Angus to five lanes from two. The annual average of daily traffic volume on the highway is 17,000 per day and on some stretches, more than 20,000, so the widening was a must to keep Simcoe County moving. Part of the project was a proposed tunnel underneath highway 90 would allow a safer route for both snowmobile traffic and wildlife.

With widening this long stretch a significant amount of infrastructure had to be added or upgraded. DECAST was able to supply multiple items for this project including: reinforced concrete pipe, precast maintenance holes, catch basins, headwalls and box culverts. 2.5km of reinforced concrete pipe (450mm to 1200mm), 71 maintenance holes (1200mm to 3000mm), 1 box maintenance hole (1800mm x 2400mm), 55 catch basins (600mm x 600mm to 600mm x 1450mm), 38 headwalls (300mm to 1200mm) and 28 box culverts (4500mm x 5000mm). The 28pc box culvert tunnel came together without any issues and now travels 64m (210ft) under the five lane highway.

CTV News Video: https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1513250

Project Details

Location: Simcoe County, ON

Business Area: Storm & Sanitary
Engineered Precast

Product: Concrete Pipe, Maintenance Holes, Catch Basins, Headwalls, Box Culverts

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