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Award Winning Halton Zone 3 Interconnecting Water Main Bridge

Originally built in the 1900s, four concrete piers were used to support old Dundas Road across Bronte Creek. In 1948, the highway was realigned and the bridge which was used for crossing the creek was removed. Without a purpose, the concrete piers were left to stand freely for over 60 years. 

It was concluded that supporting the 900mm diameter CPP watermain on the old piers would have the least impact on the environment. Furthermore, with concrete as the predominant construction material and being readily available, this alternative was found to be less expensive and could be implemented more quickly than tunneling under the creek.

The bridge superstructure consists of CPCI precast prestressed concrete girders, cast-in-place deck and precast parapet walls. The 44,000 kg girders were swung into place using two 600 tonne Mammoet AC500 mobile cranes. The girders had to be lifted directly over the creek, which required careful coordination of both cranes; one of which was parked on the valley floor and the other on the abutment of the Dundas Street bridge above. Tied-down workers on the piers guided the girders into place. The monolithic nature of the girders provided contractors with the ability to complete the installation efficiently and systematically by eliminating the need to assemble splice joints and connection pieces on site. The girders were stored in DECAST's facility until they were ready to be installed. Contractors were able to orchestrate between delivery and erection times, which mitigated road closures and traffic congestions during peak hours

Project Details

Location: Oakville, ON

Business Area: Bridges & Girders
Concrete Pressure Pipe

Product: Girders & CPP

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