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Vaughan NW Residences 

As land values continue to increase across the province, many developers and municipalities are trying to find ways to gain more usable land space in their communities. The I-STORM system allows these opportunities to happen. 

Traditionally, subdivisions are planned with a separate park and stormwater management (open pond) block; moving the functions of the open pond underground allows the space above the facility to be used as parkland for the community, as is the case with this facility. 

The unique footprint of this property made using the I-STORM system an easy choice, due to its modularity. The 3m inside height option was used. The total amount of units installed was a combination of Mid Units (48), End Units (38), Top Slabs (67), and Panels (40), giving a total available storage of 1,140 m

Project Details

Location: Vaughan, ON

Business Area: Storm & Sanitary
Engineered Precast

Product: I-Storm

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