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Rena Road Culvert Replacement

The scope of this project appeared fairly straightforward, to replace the existing steel culvert of Rena Road at the Mimico Tributary however there were some challenging aspects. This particular area in Mississauga had/has numerous major construction projects ongoing and having Rena Road closed for any amount of time was not an option. The warm water construction timing window applied for this project. Timing windows are used to protect and reduce harm to fish and fish habitats when carrying out a project near water. Additional to the timing window, the contract had an aggressive overall timeline. Taking the challenges into consideration, cast-in-place concrete culverts would only make the construction process more difficult and deadlines would likely be missed, therefore, it became clear that modular precast culverts was the superior way to go.

DECAST manufactured 19 DE-SPANŽ precast spans within our 500,000 sq. ft. facility, under fully controlled conditions to ensure top quality. All 19 were ready to be shipped weeks in advance to ensure rapid installation could be achieved. On July 5th 2018, DECAST delivered the first half of the culvert/bridge and KAPP Infrastructure installed all 9 DE-SPANs that same day. The second half of Rena Road remained open with minimal traffic disruptions. The first half of the road was reconstructed, paved and opened, public utilities were relocated and realigned, and new sewers, maintenance holes and catch basins were installed. On September 26, 2018 the second half (10 DE-SPANs) were shipped, KAPP had them all installed in one day. Once again with minimal traffic disruptions and no impact or harm to the creek, fish and fish habitats.

Project Details

Location: Mississauga, ON

Business Area: Engineered Precast

Product: DE-SPANŽ

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